Essay about Music Is Good Or Bad Or Is It Neither?

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Everyone has their own strategies on how to start writing a major paper or even a simple response to a question. No matter what it is, there is always one way that is liked more than another.
Although, what is the role that music plays in the writing process? Is it good or bad or is it neither?
Even with a strict outline in one’s hand, music might squeeze its way into that outline without even being reconsidered. But, what is music? Music consists of sounds, silence, words, chorus, rhythms and beats and even an individual singing, in which you might share some type of connection with.
Music might help in the process of someone writing by allowing them to focus or even given a person some type of inspiration to help them continue. On the other hand, music might not even be a part of someone’s writing process depending on their perspective. The influence that music has ranges from far and wide.
In my current project, I initially observed the way that individuals conducted their work.
While watching them write, I was able to see the way they reacted as they listened to music as well as their performance. I then proceeded to my interview in which a series of questions were asked to get the interviewees perspective. In order to get an accurate enough response from the interviewee, the observation was done first without the individual knowing what the study was.
Although, precautions were made initially to make sure that the individual fit the objective of the project. Current…

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