Music Integration Within The Classroom Essay

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Synthesis and Reflection
Music integration within the classroom is important because it engages students and makes learning more fun for them. Music integration also has huge impacts on several different developments that children go through at their young ages. The classroom teacher has a big role on integrating music into the classroom and making the students excited and eager to incorporate music into their learning as well. Teachers can use music to help students remember material by creating piggyback songs, managing the classroom by classroom support songs, or integrate music into a lesson and activity. Overall, I believe that music can help students become more creative and critical thinkers, but music still makes learning at least a little bit more fun for them. Throughout this essay, I am going to talk about how the effects of music influences child development and the teacher’s role in facilitating music. The use of music in the classroom can have a positive effect on the intellectual development of children. In the article, “Music in the Elementary School Day,” Atterbury and Richardson said that “an effective way to include music in your classroom is as an enhancement for another portion of the elementary curriculum (pg. 7). So if the students are learning about fractions, the teacher could use a musical song to reiterate the same information the teacher was teaching the students. Music can be used to create songs to help children remember information.…

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