Essay on Music Influences On The Music Industry

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Throughout the time of the world music also always been a part of life. Music influences society and is a major part of it. It wasn’t until the Sixties, however that a new form appeared that changed music vastly. Rock has influenced music genres from country to rap, and changed social norms.

Many genres and subgenres have been influenced by rock. Some of these include a combination of multiple genres like nü-metal. “The formula was simple: Combine bass-thumping metal with squealing guitar, uncomfortable lyrics and an urban hip-hop influence with good old-fashioned, manufactured teenage angst.”(“Was It Really All Just For the Nookie? A Rational Explanation of Nu-Metal” Tim Karan)Nü-metal combines not only rock but hip-hop/rap. This opens up a whole new style of music. This became popular in the 90’s and had a major influence on the music industry. Furthermore music’s sound evolved. A new form of sound called “Harmonic distortion is the introduction of extra harmonics that are musically related to those already present, resulting in a change in timbre”( “Distortion In The Studio” Paul White) music introduced a new form of sound. Distortion is used in all kinds of music. It adds a distinct now classic sound that is so commonly found in modern music. It adds warmth and extra flavor to the music. Overall Rock has vastly influenced the sound of modern music.

While rock has influenced music it is also found in other genres. You can see different rock roots in “elements of folk…

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