Music in Western Civilization in 20th Century Essay

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Music in western civilization in 20th century Music is defined as sounds that are arranged in a particular pattern in which when played are exciting to hear or listen to. Music is commonly used as a form or relaxation and entertainment. The chronology of music started way back in the period of the medieval times when the chanting was introduced into most of the catholic churches. Music then had moved through the following stages up to until the modern day music (Burkholder, Grout & Palisca 2010, p. 276). It originated in the medieval era then moved to the renaissance, baroque, classical music which ushered in the romantic music which in turn paved way to the modern music and hence the contemporary music of the 20th century.
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In the western civilization in the 20th century, the reputation of music had been greatly associated with the orchestras and the immerse use of instruments. This revolution exhibited the search for the new forms of expression. The music in this century was differentiable through the functional tonality. The emergency f the photographic technology provided a platform where images were easily and quickly recorded. Serialism was largely employed. It’s defined as a style in music composition where each tone in the chromatic scale is used one in succession until the 12th one is used (Lippman 1992, p. 237).
The use of chromaticism emerged in this period which was accompanied by the extended use of dissonance, the establishment of harmony and melody. These structures were developed from the early folk songs of the western culture. The last century rooted the structural interrelationships between all parts of the music composition, the expansive use of instruments, the complexity and the independence of rhythm and the tone color (Taruskin & Taruskin 2010, p. 356). The contemporary modern day music emerged and is largely base on originality rather than the rules of music that had been in place and followed in the recent and distant past. The artists employed mainly the use of dissonances. The western cultures have had a major influence in the music development. In the course of the 20th century the jazz and rock music

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