Music Has Been A Way For Humans Essay

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Provoking Emotion with Cultivated and Vernacular Music
Music has been a way for humans to express ourselves for centuries. Not only do we use music to express a feeling or tell a tale; we also use it to provoke emotion from the audience. Music is not always presented in a formal way and nowadays it is very informal, but it is still meant to move you. Whether it be to tears or panic because of an orchestra is simulating panicked running through music, or if it is to incite disenfranchised youth to join in mosh pits from guitar solos. Cultivated music is world renowned and respected by older generations because it was taught in formal capacities. Vernacular music is also world renowned and respected on every level of the totem pole because it is not so formal in nature and you can come as you are and take what you want from it. I think that musical performances all have theatrics of some sort placed into each show. For the two performances that I picked to critique seemingly have nothing in common. Nirvana is an alternative rock band that doled out heartfelt words of pain, love, addiction, happiness, anger, and any other thing that a person could experience in life. Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring orchestral and ballet performance told a story without words and only having various instruments, costumes, and organized dancing at their disposal. No matter if there were words or just music, a story was being told. While watching the ballet performance I noticed that the…

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