Music Education During The United States Essay

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Music education in the United States is in dire need of financial support. All over the country, music programs are being cut, teachers are being laid off, and thousands of children are being robbed of the opportunity to participate in group music making within their schools. Despite countless studies proving the benefits of exposing students to music education, funding for these programs take the backseat to the perceived importance of STEM education. All areas of education are important, but evidenced by government funding, not all officials seem to agree with this premise. All students should be guaranteed the right to music education because it allows for well rounded, capable students to flourish in all areas of study.
Cuts to Funding Across the country, music education programs are being annihilated to account for a deficit in government allocated funding. North Carolina ranked 47th in spending per pupil in the United States in 2010, and despite their already low spending rate, the North Carolina General Assembly approved a 2011 budget that cut $800 million in education funding. The Chester Upland school district in Chester, Pennsylvania, 40 percent of teaching positions were terminated. As a result, average class sizes rose from 21 to 30 in elementary schools and to 35 in high schools. Florida cut more than $1 billion from education in its budget for 2011–12. This 8 percent drop translates to a loss of $542 per student (Hickey). In Kansas, startling findings…

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