Essay about Music Education Classes Should Not Be Taught

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It has been said that music education classes are not relevant to a child 's academic education, that regular core classes and other college prep classes are what’s most important. While this can be true in certain situations, there are certain lessons that cannot be taught through notes, lectures, numbers, etc. Music expands the mind and the musical groups a person could join can expand their social, intellectual, and educational abilities. Many kids feel as though they only fit in when they are in their music class because they are surrounded with people who have the same passion they do. Courses like this should not be completely ignored because they don’t direction focus on mathematics or english, though they can be helpful with those types of classes as well.
Music education classes aren’t always taken as seriously in schools as they should be. In many cases, those who teach and practice music are looked down on and are told that it’s just a distraction to sports and your education. Many a time there has been cuts of arts programs; I remember being a little 7th grader and hearing from my choir director that the school was debating on cutting their choir program due to “budget problems”. Though this was fought for and kept from getting cut, not all schools are as lucky. In a recent interview with Mrs. Anderson, she told me that she was heard of a wrestling coach, from a school she wouldn’t name, telling his players they couldn’t be involved with band or choir because it…

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