Essay on Music Education And Academic Success

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Music has been essential for everyday life for many people. Many people listen to music while waiting for the bus, hiking or driving in a car. Some people even have the talent to read music and play instruments. These multi-talented-gifted people are referred to as musicians and artists. Music has been in society for ages, but does music benefit a student? Does it promote success in academics? Enormous amounts of research has been conducted from scientist and universities to prove that music education has a direct relationship to academic success. To provide music education in schools starting in grade four and up can have a significant change to a child 's self-esteem and confidence. Also, it can establish a high focus on certain task, better work ethic in school, and for jobs. Music education means to learn how to play an instrument, which has a change in academic’s. Multiple debates and studies are done on this issue in society. Many don’t believe that music’s can lead to success. Although some concerns including; schools can’t afford music education because a lack of school funds, to buy instruments and to pay teachers. These are legitimate concern; however, music education should be provided in schools to help children learn, to think creatively, to increase confidence, to have more quality in work, and to reduce stress hormones at a young age.
Experts on the link between music education and academic success conducted experiments on finding the benefits of music to…

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