Essay on Music, Drama And Art

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Music, Drama and Art in the Hallways
(An Argument Concerning the Validity of arts in Schools)

School is supposed to be a place of learning and enrichment, but it doesn’t take long for the students to become uninterested with the same old, boring lessons that are pulled out of dusty textbooks. From calculus quizzes to English exams, the material learned isn’t always the most fun and interesting, to say the least. There is a way to make learning a bit more bearable and school a pinch more pleasant. For many students, the answer comes in the form of fine arts classes. Music, art, and drama all can be classes that students use to unwind and do something they really love. These classes are fun for the students taking them, but they act as a way for students to express themselves. Music, drama and art are all important in the education experience for students, but these activities also present some draw backs as well.
First of all, music can be extremely influential on an education. Some of the most influential people of all time dealt with music. Beethoven to Beyoncé, Mozart to Michael Jackson; these people have greatly influenced not only society today, but music throughout history. Not only is music a great source of entertainment, it also serves as an excellent tool when it comes to learning. Studies have shown that there are links between music and improved performance in school. Julia Savacool discusses how music has been linked to learning and the affect it…

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