Essay on Music Can Have An Influence On People

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Have you ever heard of a song that brought back memories? Have you ever listened to a song that made you burst into tears? Have you ever listened to a song that made you want to get up and dance? Music is powerful, it can bring out emotions in people while still allowing the artists to release their emotions in the song. Music can have an influential effect on people. These feelings usually catch us off guard. Most of the time a person does not think of music as contributing to why we may feel morose, ecstatic, and anything in between.
As songwriters and singers, their goal is to make popular songs that people want to listen to. Artists want to convey the emotion that they’re trying to express in their lyrics and beats. Your emotional response will reveal how the artists wants you to feel emotionally. Artists have the ability to do this with lyrics and the beat. Lyrics can be written from heartbreaks, traumatic events and past memories; as a human to we can relate to this. Therefore, songs can bring back memories which can affect your emotions. Your emotions react to the song, which then triggers memories and thoughts. Happy music typically makes you happy while sad music can make your gloomy.
Music can be played during sports games to rally the crowd, at funerals while grieving over our loved ones and it can show the love we have for someone in a relationship. Music can bring out some type of emotions such as being depressed, happy, pumped up or even being relaxed. Not…

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