Essay on Music Bridge Cultures And Promote Peace

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Omar Akram in his essay, “Can Music Bridge Cultures and Promote Peace” clearly accomplishes his goal of persuading the audience through persuasive techniques such as logos, pathos, and ethos with pathos being the dominant. Throughout the essay Akram keeps on mentioning that the world we live in can be a peaceful place and people can live united even if there are many distinctive cultures in the world. Feeling a need to bring these cultures together instead of creating a sense of superiority in one particular group, he believes music is the key ingredient in achieving peace. He has been living in various cultures and places throughout his life and has connected the people of these cultures together with his music. He was pianist and a recording artist who after winning the Grammy realized the true “power of music”. Through his life experiences, and his interactions with different people he realizes that music is the way of communicating, entertaining, promoting diplomacy being yourself and expressing it without any hesitation. So, Akram logically persuaded the audience by establishing the credibility of his art through an emotional feelings of the public that how music can cross the borders and bring peace.
The author uses ethos at various occasions in the essay in order to increase not only his credibility, but also the persuasiveness in his argument. An example of this would be when he says, “I’ve lived all around the world, from the US to the Czech Republic, Cuba,…

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