Music As A Tool Of Expression Essay

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Musical Crossroads Exhibit

How would one enter the National Museum of African-American History and Culture and not expect to see at least one exhibit dedicated to music? In the African-American culture, music has always been used as a tool of expression. Music has always been a great source of historical evidence, for the lyrics in songs generally are a reflection of society. Therefore, music has always been a form of communication for the African-American culture. Luckily, the Musical Crossroads exhibit, at the museum, accurately depicts the importance of music in the African-American culture through the structure of the room, organization of the showcases, and selection of artifacts.

The structure of the Musical Crossroads exhibit is truly mesmerizing. The exhibit has two rooms: one main and a side room. The main room offers visitors imagery, textiles, musical records, and other tangible objects. The artifacts are displayed along the walls and in the center of the room. Large objects are adjacent from the entrance and the objects in cases are one the sides. This format allows visitors a clear site of the large objects and a more personal experience with the objects in the showcases. Furthermore, visitors can engage even more with the performers in the side room: Neighborhood Record Room. The Neighborhood Record Room allows visitors to ruminate and reminisce with the music from the African-American culture, by selecting music from a large touch table placed in the…

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