Music And The Music Of Music Essay

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The unity of music is related to the music structures. People followed the musical structures and expected the direction or message of the music. In the 18th century, the most of the music had almost same musical structures and forms. Most of music in this period progressed to the same ways and the structures and forms had conventional elements. Historically, the music became less conventional after the French revolution and the composers had been interested in their own identities for their music. In the 19th century, composers, like Schoenberg, represented their identities and thoughts more and it leads to the discovery of atonal music. By the time goes by, the music getting harder to understand in 20th century but the audience still want to understand composers music and the interaction through the music is still happening.
In the 18th century, the audiences could enjoy the music a lot because the music in this period was easy to understand. For example, most of the cello suits contained prelude, sarabande, gigue, and so on. Those conventional elements allowed people to expect what would be next for this piece and it made people to listened music itself not focusing on the detail. While the music tended to have conventional elements, audiences would be surprised when composers changed certain forms or structures. People may think that there was special meaning because the structure did not following the normal order or setting. However, at the same time, the music still…

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