Music And Music Speech: The Benefits Of Music Education

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Graduation day is approaching soon. The students are preparing for their final exams. They are filling out college applications and saying their final goodbyes as they prepare for the big day. The principal announces the top five students in the graduating class and they have all been involved in music. Although people believe that singing or playing a musical instrument is an extra curricular activity, music education is one of the reasons for many students academic success and happiness. We need to educate people on the benefits of music education and the many skills it can give today 's generation. Mr. Tim Lautzenheiser claims the difference between music and non music students in today 's academic society is "young musicians have a distinct …show more content…
Miss Kalivretenos also stated a quote by the famous musician
Plato that said " 'music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to imagination, and life to everything '" (Kalivretenos) proving that music is a huge advantage in our lives. Music is in control of many of our emotions and it gives us realities and dreams we couldn 't accomplish without the power of it. People think of music education as only for gifted students when really it is involved in everyone 's life. Without music we would not be able to communicate out our emotions and this world would be a lot more
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Miss Patricia Guth said that "a child that spends his or her time in the band room with others who enjoy similar interests rarely gets entangled in destructive habits" (Guth) supporting the idea that being involved in an extra curricular can distract students from being involved in destructive things. Most adults who are involved with smoking and doing drugs were not involved with any extra curricular 's in high school. When you are apart of an extra curricular like band or choir, you are so involved with it and school that you do not have time for bad and destructive habits. Some people think that being involved in music won 't make a difference in their lives when really it can make them realize what a bright future they have in front of them. Miss Debra S. Minyard stated that "...we have the responsibility to make sure our future generations are prepared for any opportunity that life may hand them. By keeping music education in our public schools, we continue to prepare students for these prospects" (Minyard) implying music is so much more than just an extra curricular

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