Music And Its Influence On Popular Music Essay

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According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary Jazz is “a type of music with

strong rhythms, in which the players often improvise (= make up the music as they are playing),

originally created by African American musicians.” Jazz music is regarded as unique by Jazz

musicians and listeners. While some may be skeptical, in fact, Jazz is very different from other

styles of music and it has had a big influence on popular music.

An extremely relevant feature that makes Jazz so different is that unlike other styles of

music such as classical music, where knowing all the rules is crucial to efficiency, success and

crew’s cohesion and musicians have to strictly follow the notes, Jazz does not need script nor

trial performance. As a consequence, you do not have to be a great composer in order to be a

good musician; all you have to do is play what you feel and improvise or make it up at the

moment. Notably, when soloing, if you are eager to extemporize furthermore or develop a

personal style of playing your instrument, then you only have to learn some harmonic

progressions. During the sixth episode of “Swing: The Velocity of Celebration” we can see that

Lester Young, who was a member of the jazz band “Blue Devils”, had a peculiar way of playing

saxophone; He used to turn around his instrument (up/left/right) and it really sounded distinct

and extraordinary. His peculiar way of playing demonstrated that, in jazz, does not really matter

in what way…

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