Music And Its Impact On Society Essay

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A wide-eyed ten-year old boy once told me, that anything is possible if you make it happen. This ten year old was my brother, Nathen Christian Cottrell, or as we called him, “Nate the Great”. Nathen was a brilliant boy who was passionate for music. He loved every aspect of music, whether it was vocals or instruments. Although he was young, he had already written and composed five pieces. His talent for music and passion for success reached out to hundreds of people. He would have been a talented musician and a proliferating scholar.
Unfortunately, due to his untimely death on December 7, 1999 only his words, memory, and music can illustrate his powerful impact on others and his raw talent for music. He was capable to reach beyond expectations. The seed of limitless potential grew as he went through life in school and out of school. He understood at a very young age that he can do anything he wanted as long as he puts an effort into that task or goal. Neither age, nor race, class, gender nor any other characteristic would prevent him from reaching his greatness. He had achieved more in his ten-year lifespan than many have done in a lifetime. Nathen alone has created a significant impact in my life. Even now his words still resonate in my mind and continue to keep my drive for success.
Out of all twelve points documented in Longwood University code of conduct, I decided to choose Scholarship. Initially, I leaned toward perseverance, but after I had time to think about the…

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