Music And Its Impact On Music Essay

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The area that I feel most literate in would be music. I was always indulged by the harmony of music; the rhythm just sets the mood for listening and following along. I believe everyone is impacted by music at some point in their lives, either that’s in an education way or emotional way. Ever since the beginning of your childhood music has been a way for children to get involved in activities to make them memorize and learn it. These were called nursery rhymes and music was an exhilarating way for getting kids involved in learning. It’s something about music that just brings everyone together while learning new and exciting things.
Music was used a lot in my early childhood as a way of learning because it’s repetitive and catchy at the same time, something that would get imprinted in your brain. Even as we get older music still plays an important role in our learning ability. The art of music is the easiest way of interactions and it played a role in each and every one of our lives. Music is the beginning of learning and it has impacted my life in a very positive way. When it comes to learning, music is the best way to get started.
My personal engagement of knowledge has been formed by music. This experience as a kid in elementary school has made an impact on my life and many others. The style of using music to educate others is exciting and fun; yet it is for intellectual purposes. Basically, the repetition in music was the building blocks for learning. This seemed to be the…

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