Music And Its Effect On Our Society Essay

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Songs has been important to humanity. Listening to a song and singing along with a song play a central role in adolescent and youth lives, helping to sort through emotions, and identify with certain peer groups and develop a sense of self. Besides a song delivers sounds, it also delivers the lyrics, which speak what cannot be expressed in a mind, give rest to a heart, and heal a soul. However, some lyrics underlies messages of violence, discrimination, and sex, which can be a huge influence and impact to our society.

Although music can help for delighting moods, some music communicates harmful health messages. Today’s music and lyrical content have undergone dramatic changes after the music industry has shaken up with the new music introduction of gangster rap, which portray images of gangs, guns, violence, and sexism. Although the nature of gangster rap still tends to promote violence to its youth, the songs are still air broadcasting on radio and television.

For example, N.W.A has widely considered one of the greatest American hip hop groups in the history and sold over ten million units in the United States. However, majority of their lyrics expresses deep hatred towards police officers, imply how the violence and races of police officers, and mock at the process of the judicial system.

One of the studies, which publishes by an associate professor P. Cougar Hall of Brigham Young University, has analyzed the sexual content of the lyrics in Billboard Hot 100 songs.…

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