Music And Dance Of Madagascar Essay

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Music and dance in Madagascar is more impromptu and it is not uncommon to see someone express themselves emotionally through song and dance, or for a group of villagers to get together and play. As this is more of a jam scenario there is more concern among the musicians about keeping rhythm than exploring linear chord progressions or melodic patterns (Koskoff). Finally, modern Malagasy music does incorporate the traditional instruments and techniques listed above. But a band composed of modern Western instruments such as the bass, guitar, keyboard, drum machine is more common to the music played on the radio. Influences from all over the globe have influenced young people in Madagascar to experiment in a broad range of genres from reggae and pop to heavy metal (Koskoff).
The cuisine of Madagascar is a delectable fusion of Southeast Asian and African cultures. The staple crop of Madagascar is rice, and it is generally eaten with some kind of meat (Bradt and Austin 105). For taste, it is common mix rice with herbs and leaves, however, there are a multitude of other ways to add flavor to the rice. One way is to add zebu, a type of local beef that is commonly eaten with rice. Other common flavorings include fish, corn, crab, chicken, and potatoes. Because rice is essential to Malagasy cuisine, it is eaten during every meal. Coincidentally, mihinam-bary is a verb in Malagasy which means “to eat a meal,” and it literally translates to “to eat rice” (Bradt and Austin 106).…

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