Music And Art Have Synesthesia Essay

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According to synesthesia researchers, this condition offers individuals an artistic advantage. They have a greater aesthetic sensitivity and are drawn to more artistic fields. They are able to expresses unrelated concepts better than those without synesthesia. For example a normal painter either paints some ting in front of them or something they imagine, while a synesthete paints what they actually visualize when experiencing a certain stimulus. Many famous celebrities involved with music and art have synesthesia including Billy Joel, Vincent Van Gogh, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, and Duke Ellington (WC #4). However, some people with sound-color synesthesia, their musical ability may be affected by their synthetic experience.A person will see a sound as a color when hearing a sound. This makes it difficult for the musician to see their music, with colors clouding their vision from the sound, and are left having to memorize their music more than those without synesthesia. Performing in a group ensemble may also be difficult for a synesthete. If a person associates a different color with a different voice, they could find themselves overwhelmed with everyone singing together. This could cause a sensory overload like headaches or nausea (WC #8). Synesthesia can affect a person 's daily life in many ways. For example a synesthete is disturbed is when a stimulus produces an unpleasant experience. They might taste or smell something bad when they dislike something (WC #2).…

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