Music Analysis : Pop Culture Analysis Essay

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The basic structure of this research was pop culture analysis; I would watch three slasher films and observe certain elements within the film in order to infer how they represented society 's values. In order to observe the cultural phenomenon of the slasher film in its purest form, I selected three slasher films from the genre 's early days of popularity. This was to ensure that I was getting an accurate representation of a slasher film before the genre was parodied and exploited. Many characters in recent horror films could be referred to as "genre savvy", actively pointing out horror movie cliches and such within the movie. This kind of film would not work as I was trying to observe these clichés when they were being played straight rather than for cultural reference of comedy (think Scream). My personal qualifications for a slasher movie in the context of this research was that the film had to be focused around either teens or young adults, featured a malicious presence in the form of a killer which was actively "hunting" the characters, and 3 or more main characters had to be killed on screen during the course of the film. Based on this criteria, I selected Halloween (1978), Black Christmas (1975), and Friday the 13th (1980).
Next, I watched each film and took notes on three different aspects: setting, characters, and villain. In order to keep track of character details for later analysis, I created a chart in which I filled in the names of all main and supporting…

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