MUSI 1002 Notes Essay

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The Culture Industry
Made up of economic institutions
Adorno’s theories fundamental

Commodity Fetishism
The culture industry is successful because people fetishize cultural objects
Creates false needs, alternative ways of thinking without people realizing
People focus on consuming. To own it. We need to have it.
Ex. Purchasing a concert ticket

Popular music standardized:
1. Number of types immediately recognizable
2. Small number of structures
3. Small number of components to each song that’s interchangeable (ex.Intro,verse,chorus etc)

The type of variation between standardized products
Surface changes (rhythm), not basic structure (chord progressions, verse, chorus)
If pop
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Pop or rock as oppositional to established values
2. Direct interconnections between popular music and politics
3. Censorship: prior restraint, restriction, suppression

Brackett, “Music Industry Fight Against Rock n Roll”
BMI accused of having too much power in broadcasted media
Accused of manipulating public taste. Paying DJs to play certain artists
Music had to have commercial motivation

Production and Technology
How does technology affect the ways in which music is created and delivered to an audience?

Sound Production
Pos + neg aspects of technological advancements in sound recording
Ex: Piano replacing harpsichord

Sound Recording
New recording technologies opened create possibilities = new genres
Perfect the sound through recording

Sound Format
Music as a thing (commodity)

Sound Reproduction and Dissemination
How when and where we listen to music
Phonograph to stereo to Walkman

Electronic Dance Music (Brackett)
Grew out of decline of disco music (1980s)
European imports
DJs developed techniques to create new music
Switching between 2 records
Change tempo, mixing songs together
Larry Levan and the Paradise Garage
Controlled lighting, changed the dance music experience
Ex. The City Peech Boys “Don’t Make Me Wait”
A developed local style
Remixes complex for fresh sounding dance music
Ex. Jesse

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