Essay on Muscle Memory And Its Effect On The Brain

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Athletes within every sport rely on their movements and the connections with the brain that allow a certain performance to be memorized. These efforts with the brain are referred to as muscle memory, giving the mind mental capacity to train muscles to a consistent action. The purpose of training a motion to be done effortlessly gives an athlete advantages under stress and when trying to expand on a certain element. The muscle memory is completely mental, the brain will pick up the certain actions’ movement after it is repeatedly done. The term “muscle memory” is nonetheless deeply established, perhaps because it serves some key functions to an athlete. Muscle suggests body in contrast to mind, muscular effort is combined with mental effort to produce an outcome of muscle memory. Giving the body a mental focus during a game/competition rather than putting all the stress on the mind but the mind of the muscles. Because of this common brain, muscle memory conveys a sense of mindless memory. Procedural or performative tasks of implicit motor memory often depend on and exhibit significant mental skills and intelligence. For example, when a good pianist plays with spontaneity yet also with aesthetically sensitive tactics. In validating that the intelligent mind extends beyond clear consciousness, muscle memory also makes manifest the mind’s exhibit nature and the body’s crucial role in memory and recollect.
Subtopic 1:
Muscle memory, is not limited to sports and…

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