Muririel's Wedding Film Analysis

Change in Individual ----Muriel
‘Muriel’s Wedding’, directed and written by P. J. Hogan, creates critically sensation in the film industry. It is categorized under the genre of comedy and romance. The director, P. J. Hogan, intelligently uses the sense of humour to bring out the concept of change through this film. The concept of change is evidently depicted in the characters, setting, and film techniques in the film. It, however, is distinctly shown by Muriel, a protagonist who eventually triumphs over herself and transforms into a person who she has been desperately wishing to be.
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It is one of the highlights that brings her up to who she is meant to be, not the useless person she is in Porpoise Spit. It is shown when she moves to Sydney with her friend, Rhonda. She builds up her confidence and self-esteem through her life in Sydney compared to how she spends her life in Porpoise Spit. She doesn’t listen to Abba song anymore after she moves to Sydney. She enjoyably immerses herself in job, friendship, sexual relationship and her primary goal of getting married. ‘My life's as good as an ABBA song. It's as good as 'Dancing Queen'. Her life in Sydney is completely different from that in Porpoise Spit where she listens to Abba song 24-hours per day just to waste her time and stay away from the mentally abuse from her father . She has a different view on her compared to how she thinks of herself before. ‘Do you ever think you’re nothing? Sometimes, I think I am nothing. Useless.’ ‘Muriel Heslop. Stupid, fat and useless. I hate her. I'm not going back to being her again.’ She now sees herself as a valuable person but not the useless person that everybody thinks of her. ‘We're not useless. We never were. Now you're looking after the kids and you're gonna tell them they're not …show more content…
Courage is portrayed and built in the following quote, ‘I thought I was so different. A new person. But I'm not.’ I'm just the same as him. It is the quote when she admits that she is just the same as her father who values wealth, personal success and career than the happiness to be with family. Likewise, she values marriage and she reckons that she has won the group of girls with the title of getting married to a man until death of her mum brings her into a realization that marriage is not the measurement of deciding the success of a woman. She starts to build up the courage that she does not have before and it is the courage which makes her accept who she truly is. We can observe her lack of confidence in Porpoise Spit when she is being mentally abused by her father. She does not stand up and speaks her mind. She does not defend herself and tries to prove to her father that she is not useless until she meets Rhonda and moves to Sydney. It is where she starts building up her

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