Essay on Murderers Shaped By Society By Carl Panzram

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Murderers Shaped by Society Carl Panzram is one of the most horrific killers in history. Driven by an extreme hatred for humanity, Panzram has admitted to murdering at least 22 people and raping 1000 men. In his last years of living, he had written a memoir to document his life. The Spirit of Hate and Vengeance, Panzram’s published autobiography, described his cruel childhood, his barbaric crimes, and life up until his sentence to the death penalty, which he gratefully accepted. When faced with brutal monsters like Panzram, it begs the question: what made him evil? The answer is simple: society. Panzram had been born in Minnesota on a small farm, the youngest of 5. His father had left the family, leaving his mother to juggle field work and the discipline of the children. At age 12, Panzram had been sent to reform school for burglary, where he was beaten and raped. He eventually fled Minnesota after an attempt to kill his teacher, encountering sadistic railroad cops and a group of hobos that had gang raped him. At age 16, he was sentenced to Leavenworth. “Things had been bad in his previous jail experiences, but nothing prepared Carl for the horrors of Leavenworth. At the turn of the century the American penal system was a terrifying world of torture and cruelty. Prisoners in Leavenworth were not allowed to speak; any who dared utter a word was beaten savagely. Carl’s memoirs includes a harrowing examination of the different methods of torture used, each with a charmingly…

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