Murder My Sweet Film Analysis

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Based on the 1940 novel written by Raymond Chandler, Murder, My Sweet is a classic film noir, directed by Edward Dmytryk and starring Dick Powell (Philip Marlowe), Claire Trevor (Helen) and Anne Shirley (Ann Grayle). It was first screened on December 18, 1944 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Known for its remarkable faithfulness to the book source, Murder, My Sweet deals with blackmail, murderers, drugs and more, reflecting the corruption in society around that time. Murder, My Sweet sets a solid example with its narrative and cinematographic techniques that soon evolves into the emerging film noir style, as seen in the numerous mystery films that followed with core elements from Murder, My Sweet.

The film starts off in the police station, as the cynical private-eye Phillip Marlowe (who was temporarily blinded by the bullet) retells the escalating events that has led to the multiple murders. After unwillingly accepting a request from violent giant Moose Malloy, he conducts a search for Malloy’s missing sweetheart Velma. Marlowe then accepts another request from Lindsay Marriott to be bodyguard to look after a money exchange for
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To conclude, Murder, My Sweet is an excellent film with a narration style that is often seen adapted in mystery films. It's a dark, moody, highly stylized film about corruption and venality that takes place in a threatening nightmarish landscape inhabited by grotesque shadowy figures. But despite the grotesqueness, it also has as a diverse set of characters that leave a deep impression on the viewers, and also clever techniques to build suspense that draws in the viewer and keeps them on the edge of their seat. Overall, Murder, My Sweet was a very thrilling experience for an animation film-orientated viewer such as myself, and I would recommend it

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