Municipal Solid Waste For Energy Essay

1876 Words Nov 8th, 2016 8 Pages
Municipal Waste to Energy Incineration of municipal solid waste(MSW) is a widely practiced and efficient way to generate energy. It is eco-friendly and utilizes otherwise wasted resources. The article, Waste-to -Energy Technology, is written for professionals in the industry to know the many ways in which to convert mass to energy. An Industrial Ecological Approach to Municipal Solid Waste Management looks at the issue of waste and how to environmentally responsibly dispose of it. The Outlook For Renewable Energy in America is an article that is written for professionals concerned with legislative. All three articles evaluate Municipal Solid Waste to Energy facilities and give varying perspectives on how they should be further implemented now and in our futures.
Waste-to -Energy Technology was released by the Electric Power Research Institute. It is an in depth analysis of opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while expanding renewable energy through the use of municipal waste. The goal of this article is to show the pros, cons, and logistics of generating energy from waste. The author clearly believes there are more advantages than disadvantages and predicts future expansion. It is written for people who are more familiar with somewhat technical terminology, such as professionals who work in these industries. Thought the article ethos and logos are the main appeals, as the article generates ethos through referencing statistics and facts gathered from…

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