Multitasking Is A Key Influence On The Business World Essay

1018 Words Dec 11th, 2015 null Page
Multitasking is a key influence in determining whether or not you make ethical decisions in the business world. When you happen to multitask yourselves, you may think that you make be performing more efficiently and effectively, but studies have proved that this is not the case. The amount of information that is processing makes it hard for an individual to focus on multiple topics simultaneously in a real world situation. This may lead to a much more poor performance during a workplace as well. Many people today believe that multitasking is a viable way to get things done quickly. However, it shows that although you may get things done at a faster rate, the overall quality of whatever you’re doing decreases dramatically. Clifford Nass, a Professor of Communication at Stanford, claimed that “Irrelevant side information is devastating to people who multitask all the time.” This implies that if you were to multitask, the overall quality of what you provide for one topic may be just as bad as the other thing. This could be due to new technology developed every day and it’s maybe that the people have a hard to adapt to it right away. Surprisingly, a habit of multitasking means that it may even affect individual tasks that you’re doing one at a time in the future. This means that a bad habit of multitasking may carry its negative externalities upon your performance on whatever you’re doing in the future. Decision making and ability to focus will be some key distinctions…

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