Essay about Multitasking, Conversation, And Driving

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Multitasking, Conversation, and Driving
Divided attention happens in one or more senses at a time. A person using divided attention does not change from one task to another different task. Using divided attention can cause using a cell phone or text messaging in the car dangerous. Some of the factors such as turning the radio, weather condition, and other passengers in the car.
Several studies suggest that multitasking is easy if it involves two different stimuli, such as watching and listening, than if both stimuli are the same time, but a person cannot carry on dual conversation simultaneously (Drew, Pasupathi, & Strayer, 2009). Directing attention to listening causes the volume to turns down the visual functions of the brain. Divided attention is the capability to carry out more than one task at a time. Despite the fact that paying attention to two or more networks of data or modal quality. When a person do a number of tasks in same way, they must split their attention, which may reduce functioning. Everyday living causes a person to split their attention while driving. A driver might be paying attention to the radio while paying attention to the road (Drew et al., 2009). If workers are engaged in a multiple task at once, they are performing more slowly and less accurately than the workers would if they focused on each job until it was finished. Task demands pertain to when the employee has either too much or too little workload. If task demand is an easy…

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