Multiple Types Of Criminal Offenders Essay

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When it comes to identifying criminals, Psychologist Terrie Moffitt states that there are really only two types of criminal offenders. “The first are ‘adolescence-limited’...the second are ‘life-course persistent’” (Hartmann, 2013, 193). The terms used to describe the different types of criminals provides a good summation of those who fall under each term.
The adolescence-limited are those whose criminal activity is only limited to their adolescent years. The text continues with a greater description that these individuals start as offenders early in adolescence, but who stop near the end or right after they develop beyond the adolescent stage (Hartmann, 2013, 193). This is an important group to look at because there is the potential that these individuals are more to be reached in order to change their actions. The list of myths that was ‘Adapted from The Future of Children: Juvenile Justice, Volume 18, Number 2’ states that “While older teenagers are similar to adults in their ability to reason and process.... they are less able to apply these skills in real-world situations” (Hodgdon, 2008). These individuals will not continue to commit criminal activity but they are still subject to suffering the consequence of their adolescent actions far into their adult life. These are the people who change for the better and who will make the choice to contribute to their communities in positive ways.
The individuals who fall under the second term do not share this mentality to…

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