Multiple Intelligences Essay

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Top Three Intelligences
By: Sean Mahoney
Strategies for the Technical Professional
Professor R. Aragon

As stated in our reading there a total of 8 multiple intelligences developed by Howard Gardner. Each type of intelligence is not the same for every person. Everyone has their own unique personality and therefore has their own style of learning or retaining information provided to them. There are certain surveys you can take in order to determine where your particular intelligences fall. I have taken one of these surveys and have chosen three of my top intelligences to explore further and to determine what skills in each type of intelligence are most effective for me to retain new information, not only in my education but
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My second is Body or Kinesthetic intelligence. It is in a way similar to visual but still on its own intelligence spectrum. When it comes to academic knowledge kinesthetic intelligence isn’t my first choice to help me retain information. However when learning about electronics or equipment that I will be working on being able to work through issues on the equipment helps expand my knowledge of the equipment and possible issues it might have in the future. This is a widely used intelligence cooperation’s utilize to help train new employees faster and more efficiently. I find this to be especially true in maintenance related careers. My final intelligence is Intrapersonal. As long as I am in a group in which we all learn at relatively the same pace this intelligence becomes my strongest. I enjoy being able to discuss, compare and study the information with a group. In my opinion this helps to ensure you have the correct information as well as bringing new ways of studying to the table for those who might be struggling. Professionally, working in a group when preparing a presentation or trying to educate yourself on a new system being implemented will help everyone to stay on the same page and work as a team. This way your presentation can go off without a hitch or you all are working with the new system quickly and efficiently allowing for less company

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