Multiple Intelligence Reflection

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Register to read the introduction… My intrapersonal strength was the highest, as well as visual, as previously stated.
According to the survey, my weakest point is existential and verbal because again, I am shy and dislike public speaking of any kind. Also, I sometimes have a hard time explaining my ideas clearly to someone else. My weakest area of learning would have to be auditory learning. Because at times my mind wanders without me really realizing it, sometimes I walk away from a class feeling lost about what was being taught. This has impacted me because it is embarrassing to ask a teacher to repeat themselves when I need clarification. This has negatively impacted my grades in the past, due to me being unsure of details. On a positive side, because I am a visual learner, I always write important information down, such as exam dates, in a daily organizer. This really does help

to keep me organized and to remember what I am supposed to be doing, or handing in, and when. In conclusion, I believe that no matter what learning style I am, it doesn’t

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