Multiple Forms Of Violence And Abuse Essay

1015 Words Oct 12th, 2015 null Page
There are five forms of violence and abuse in personal relationships. They are as follows: physical, sexual, psychological, emotional, and economic. They all have very different effects on a person, but they all share the same idea, hurt and pain. Being physically abused is inflicting personal injury by causing actual pain. By hurting the body whether it be hitting, slapping, or even withholding medicine. Sexual pain means forcing sexual relations in any way without consent from the other person. Examples would be rapeing, or forced sex, even criticizing the partner 's performance while having sexual relations with someone. Psychological, which to me is the worst form of abuse, is when the other partner is constantly being threatened by the other person. It could range from constantly threatening to leave that other person to hurting them or by hurting someone or something else. This causes the partner to constantly live in fear. Emotional abuse is when your partner criticises you for everything you do or judges you. This can lead people to emotional breakdowns or even suicide. The last form of abuse and violence in personal relationships is economic. This is when the other partner takes money without permission or withholding their partners money from them. Even though these are all different that can all affect each other. Like if someone is physically abused it also hurt them emotionally or psychologically. “"Domestic abuse" includes but is not limited to physical or…

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