Multilingualism Case Study

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In a society which is remote to another society, caused by geograpical condition, this society can still keep its culture too. It is usually called a society. But on the contrary, where many societies establish a relationship with other societies, of course they will undergo cultural contact including languange contact which may result in language phenomenon ( Chaer and Agustina, 2004:84).
From the explanation above, the writer concluded that people can live by their selves but need each other to live. To live well with each other people need to communication, and the tool to communicate is called language. The function of language is communication. So, people as social being always communicate to each other.
In order to make good communication, people have to understand what another said even they have different languages. Every country in the world has different language to each other, so every people in each country has own mother tongue that is different to each other. When people who come from different country meet and make interaction, they can hardly understand to each other since every speaker has his own mother
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Especially in multiingual society, in which the speaker may know more than one code, the speaker often presents various codes within his speech. When them embers of society are able to speak one language, switching from one language to another in the same conversation is a common communicative behavior. This condition is known as code …show more content…
Before considering the reason for code switching and code mixing, it will be appropriate to deal with of code switching and code mixing.
There are many kinds of code switching and code mixing proposed by Apple and Musyken (1987). 1. Emblematic/Tag
In this kind of code switching, tags and certain set phrases in one language inserted into an utterance otherwise in another.
a). “...exam tidak lama, masa ani sibuk buat revision...”
b). “...saya kira sudah lama pindah, I think..since dua minggu lalu....” 2. Intra-sentential
This kind of code mixing occurs between a clause or sentence. Let’s take a look the following example.
a). “....if kita membiarkan diri kita didera emotionally ia akan menyebabkan stress...”
b). “....jangan lupa tomorrow Tani ada discussion assignment yang akan dilakukan next two weeks....”
3. Intersentential
Intersential is code switching in which exchange of language occurs at tha caluse or sentence boundary, where each clause or sentence is in one language or the other.
a). “....last week aku shopping dengan sisterku.
b). “ yang ku pinjem dari library tidak ada. Sudah ku search but I can’t find it. May be

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