Multiculturalism Is Not A Better Social Model Essay

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Myla Brown
March 8, 2016
World Politics
Dr. McKinlay
Question 2
Immigrants who choose to make a foreign country their native new home should be prepared to accept the universal practices and languages of that country. Multiculturalism is a great theory, but it isn 't practical for many economic and social reasons. Multiculturalism takes away the identity of individual countries. I believe that multiculturalism should not endanger the individual identities of different countries. This is one of the things that make the world interesting. Our country was founded on assimilation and I believe that it is still a good practice. Immigrants come to our country and others because of something that appeals to them there. Since this is true, I think it would be best if they assimilated into our established culture.
Multiculturalism is watering down the individual differences and uniqueness found in different nations. Multiculturalism is not a better social model because it takes away the uniqueness and individual differences that a nation possesses. It is much better for people to assimilate into the chosen society they are joining than trying to find a multicultural mix that takes away the individuality of the nation. Some cons with multiculturalism are that it alienates people, there can be riots, community division can form, and some people already living in the culture may not want to adapt to new languages. Some pros to multiculturalism are a larger variety of food, people…

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