Multiculturalism, Identity And Shortcomings In Macro And Three Concepts

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Multiculturalism, identity and belonging are three concepts which are crucial when talking about the ways that migrants integrate into their settler countries and also the ways in which societies facilitate this integration. Multiculturalism, identity and belonging are concepts which exist on both macro and micro levels – that is, there is the broader concept to consider but there is also the individual to consider. This essay will endeavour to explore these three concepts on a broad, theoretical level, but will also extrapolate what these broader concepts mean on some smaller, individual scales. For multiculturalism, this means exploring its benefits and also its shortcomings. For identity and belonging, this means exploring what may help …show more content…
It exists in many forms and within many spaces, but in the context of multiculturalism and identity, it becomes more specific. There are particular ways in which migrants’ sense of belonging can be fostered, but also ways in which it can be overlooked. Belonging can be seen, in one of its most basic forms, as a human need. When exploring the concept of belonging alongside migration, we can explore how belonging is often desired in “the most rigid form where [it is] expressed through the image of a class consciousness” (Delanty, Wodak & Jones 2011, p. 21). Noble and Poynting describe belonging as not being an abstract concept, but instead as being “grounded in movement in and through specific places” (Noble & Poynting 2010, p. 490). They go on to explain that, despite this, these movements are again on a micro level, and are affected by different cultural experiences and forms of social exclusion (Noble & Poynting 2010, p. 21). The idea of belonging is one that is easily dismissed as only a result of a multiculturalist society in which a migrant forms an identity. However, its relationship with multiculturalism and identity is far greater than that, and ultimately belonging is integral to the functioning of the two

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