Multiculturalism Act Of 1971 : A Multicultural And Diverse Country

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Multiculturalism act of 1971
The world views Canada as a multicultural and diverse country, but Canada was not always like this. Before Canada became a diverse country, it was a biased country. The people living here were discriminated because of their ethnicity and colour. People weren’t allowed to do things other people with different ethnicity can do. The white Canadians had rights that others did not have. The 1971 multicultural act happened because of Pierre Elliot Trudeau, changed the way people lived. This also changed the way Canadian citizens currently lived. This act, was the start of all the other multicultural act throughout the years. People thought that all these multicultural acts weren’t a good idea, but some disagreed. This act caused unfortunate things to people and fortunate things to people. The white’s had more equal privileges with other races. This was unfortunate for the white’s and fortunate for the other races. This made Canada become a multicultural and diverse country. Although some people believe that the multicultural act of 1971 impacted Canadian society poorly. This act has demonstrated positive results because it made Canada into a diverse country throughout the 20th century. The 1971 multiculturalism act, caused Canada to have positive and negative impacts, but those impacts were more positive than negative. There were people who were discriminated in World War One (Indians, asians, blacks, etc) and now because of this act, they gained more…

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