Multicultural Working Force Training Essays

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Multicultural working force training Diversity can create several challenges to the work force if the employees are not educated on multicultural management. According to Matt Alderton, employers have “got to educate themselves, train their employees and seize interpersonal opportunities that they may previously have skirted.” (Alderton, 2008). Training employees on the different cultures of their co-workers will make it easier for the employees to work with one another and therefore will make for a more trusting and productive working environment.
Training employees on the benefits of communicating among themselves should be one of the primary concerns to the multicultural workforce. Not only is communication among co-workers
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Melton suggests that “learning should be a two-way street”. (Alderton, 2008). Employers as well as employees should focus on understanding one another especially when it comes to job safety and concerns. Important words can and should include words that can be used in the case of urgency. Learning to communicate with employees of all cultures and backgrounds should be an employer’s main objective.
Hiring a translator to help with communication barriers is very helpful, especially if one is hired that is trained on the same job skills as those who have trouble communicating with other co-workers. Translators can be those that are already hired in, or those that are hired in to work, that are bilingual and can act as the “go-between” person in communicating with others.
Safety concerns may be different from one culture to another and may not necessarily seem dangerous to another. For instance, here in the United States, we have seat belt laws that are enforced in just about every state. Immigrants from different cultures may not see this as a safety hazard because their country does not enforce it as a safety hazard. The problem with this situation is, if one were to be involved in an accident while traveling during duty hours and they were not wearing a seatbelt, the company could be

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