Multicultural Psychology Chapters 7 And 8 Essay

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Multicultural Psychology Chapters 7 & 8 Question Set 3
I am a 44 yr. old European American female who was happened to be raised by equal rights advocates. And although I admit being uninformed about privilege and the realities of racism, I do not feel that Helms’ contact is completely accurate for my 1st stage, or status. When my father says he “doesn’t see color” he means it as he feels it genuinely should be. I grew up knowing that he marched with his black and women friends for equal rights in the 60’s. At no point in my life was I raised to believe that being white was superior, or that racial and cultural differences don’t matter. I grew up in a rural setting and there was a few us around the same age. Latricia Burden, who was African American, her family was wealthier than mine, and she was my best friend. I wasn’t really exposed to live racism later in school. When I was nine yrs. old I went to Germany with my Grandmother and was surprised to see graffiti saying “Yankees go home!” My Oma explained that they didn’t like American politics and remarked that they didn’t like the Turks in general even more. I’m not sure I understood what this meant at that time of my life. When I learned of the holocaust, I remember becoming embarrassed to be German because of the Nazis, even though I did find out my grandfather died as a result of opposing them. As I went through school, I became more aware of things like race, culture, and class differences, and how important…

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