Multicultural Pedagogy in Higher Education Essays

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Multicultural Pedagogy in Higher Education

Multicultural Pedagogy in Higher Education There is a difference between teaching a course in which multiculturalism is the focus and incorporating an underlying multicultural, inclusive perspective into the classroom environment. Given that “there is no universal construction of a multiculturalism course that is perfect for achieving all goals for all students” (Henry, 2003, p. 26), finding a way to build a multicultural foundation for courses across the disciplines may be a better aim for faculty in higher education institutions. Multiculturalism is a concept that cannot be ignored in today’s society. It is real, it is related to the globalization of
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664) or that they “didn’t expect them to do much because of where they came from” (p. 665), McIntyre was able to conclude that educational racism and institutional silence need to be addressed, and that teachers must become accountable for this type of pedagogy. Although this study was conducted among student teachers in primary and secondary education, these concerns can be applied across the board and into higher education as well. Therefore, the first step in incorporating multiculturalism into the classroom is recognizing the need for instructor-coaching to remedy the lack of knowledge surrounding multiculturalism and diversity. The next responsibility that educators need to possess is becoming educated about their students. In a study conducted by Allen (2000), one participant stated that “it is important for teachers to be educated about their students and their backgrounds and to promote appreciation and respect for different cultures, races, and religions” (p. 9). Not only is this important in creating a comfortable environment for students, but it is necessary to have a grasp on where the students are coming from and what kinds of cross-cultural conflict could arise in the classroom. For instance, faculty members should be familiar with the campus and community climate. Also, to be able to create a multicultural base in one’s pedagogy, the instructor must be able to understand the dynamic between students’ different cultural

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