Essay on Multicultural Management in the Virtual Project Setting

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Carlos Galamba, University of Liverpool


The Virtual Project Setting

In today’s globalisation era, effective cross-cultural management of virtual teams is an emerging subject in international business literature and practice.
Virtual teaming has a number of potential benefits; not only in terms of human resources flexibility but it can also reduce the operating costs of one organisation. On the other hand, the challenges of such environment should not be undermined. Many scholars have attempted to analyse the impact of virtual work in a number of factors such as communication, leadership, trust, decision-making and productivity (Symons and Stenzel, 2007),
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By recognising different levels of expertise, skills and experience among team members, |
| |virtual team leaders can distribute the workload accordingly. |
| |Lipnack and Stamps (1999), posit three basic steps to overcome obstacles to communication: listening skills, respect |
| |and patience. |
|ISSUE |The available technology is another critical factor for virtual teams. It is essential that an equal access to |
| |technology can be guaranteed to all team members, otherwise productivity can be compromised (Kuruppuarachchi, 2009). |
| |Broadband services are not available in every location and some regions may experience slower internet speed than |
| |others or may have incompatible networks |
|SOLUTION |Ardichvili et al. (2006) posit that the start of the project is crucial and moreover team leaders must choose the most|
| |appropriate computer-mediated

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