Multicultural Literature Should Not Become A Requirement Essay

1220 Words Sep 5th, 2016 5 Pages
The world holds billions of people all from different cultures, and all with different beliefs. The education of multicultural literature can help benefit the upcoming generations by helping them understand the backgrounds and the cultures of those billions of people. Multicultural literature plays a major role in life and in school. Learning about different cultures can help spark new friendships and fix old world complications. While in high school, teens are experiencing life in a different perspective; they are learning the fundamentals of adulthood without actually being adults. Students are heading towards a path that is much greater than just receiving an education; they are heading into paths of friendship, and succession. With this, most people argue that multicultural literature should become a requirement in the high school curricula because it incorporates the values, beliefs, and history of people from different cultural backgrounds, which demonstrates a sense of educational equality for all students. However, others argue that multicultural literature should not become a requirement in the high school curricula because it focuses on the education of different cultures, which can cause children to develop confusion about their own culture. The incorporation of multicultural literature in the high school curricula can help alter society for the better. Multicultural literature is not a typical type of book genre, it is a type of genre that teaches principles…

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