Multicultural Literature Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Over a period of time, many multicultural books were read aloud and displayed within the classroom. The books were selected based up the guidelines established by the Cooperative Children’s Book Center. Great care was taken to use multicultural books that: avoided stereotypes, portrayed the values and cultural groups in authentic ways, …show more content…
It involves an environment that works with families and communities to help schools provide the attitudes and values and commitments that are necessary to help diverse families learn. Multicultural education focuses on bringing schools and communities, teachers and parents, students and students together without regard for culture similarities or differences. It brings together students, families, communities, and teachers in order to incorporate a stronger, safer environment inductive to learning. Multicultural education “extends to all students, despite any cultural diversity, the right to be educate within their own cultural contexts along with access to the cultural capital that other ethnic groups have to offer…being the instrument of educational equity and excellence” (Gay, 2000, p. 216). Culturally responsive teachers recognize the uniqueness of all cultures, languages, and communities, understanding the increasing cultural and linguistic diversity of our society and understand that all teachers enter the classrooms with personal social identities and cultural biases. Respecting, valuing, and celebrating personal and students’ unique strengths foster in creating equitable classroom communities. Taking the time to develop appropriate knowledge bases, having high expectations for all students, providing a welcoming environment, and working with family

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