Multicultural Environment Essay

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Developing A Multicultural Environment Plan Educational organizations are responsible for developing and implementing a plan for their schools to embrace cultural diversities. Therefore, creating an environment that is supportive for involving students of diversity in collaborative discussion creates positive opportunities to focus attention on The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLBA) and increase awareness for improving school standards, practices, and accountabilities for PK-12 school settings. Since it is vital to increase awareness among students, it is necessary to improve socialization skills among students. The promotion of awareness at an early age offers opportunities for students to gain a more profound understanding from the perspectives …show more content…
Children spend much of their time interacting daily at school with others that practice different traditions, including religions. In this respect, school communities must be focused on the valuable benefits that can be gained by implementing school field trips, the observance of holidays, birthdays, and cultural assignments that emphasize the learning of multicultural educations. This type of emphasis included in the school classroom adds sustenance to the course curriculums and teaches mutual respect for religious holidays and ethnic observances. Furthermore, it creates an environment that fosters multicultural influences through unified …show more content…
Therefore, the nature of such sensitive topics should be examined carefully with the hopes of achieving equality and tolerance towards any group of individuals where underlying biased tendencies have been known to happen. The tendency should be to exercise caution when pressing perspectives of multicultural awareness is heightened and review lessons learned from previous situations to predict the likelihood of future outcomes. School districts need to be provided with the additional resources to promote multicultural awareness whether it be through online courses, on-site classes, or even the distribution of written materials sent to the teacher 's email address. Furthermore, this type of awareness assists in the elimination of such tactics that are viewed as forms of harassment and discriminatory. The negligence to safeguard can promote a prejudiced society filled with biased tendencies and

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