Reflective Essay On Multicultural Education

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Teacher leadership requires reflection. Through reflection, teacher leaders are able to identify practices that work and those that do not, and they are better able to identify and apply differences in teaching. These differences in teaching are especially important when dealing with multicultural education. Schools today are rich in student diversity, and multicultural education needs to be addressed. Multicultural education has not yet become a central part of curriculum, and has too often been regulated by social studies, language arts and fine arts that are targeted towards students of color. These attitudes, or lack of attention to multicultural education, can distort multicultural education. This is where “differences in teaching” come into play and teachers need to make a commitment to address these differences. I believe that multicultural education needs to be woven in to the standard curriculum. For example, there would be no need for a Black History Month …show more content…
6: Reflecting on Burt: What things are missing in this scene that if present could help Burt experience an “inclusive classroom”? How could the teacher enhance Burt’s achievement in the classroom?

In Burt’s case, there is a stigma attached to Tourette’s Syndrome or more generally speaking, a learning disability. As shown by the classroom teacher those with learning disabilities are less expected to succeed. When Ashley spoke to the classroom teacher regarding Burt’s progress on the test, the teacher spoke as if it would be out of line to expect any more from him because he carries the label of “Tourette’s.” In reality it may take students with learning disabilities a little longer to do certain things, such as work sheets or master a topic, but in an ideal learning environment, goals to help guide learning would be in place. Though Burt has Tourette’s syndrome, expectations should still remain in place; they should be altered in accordance with his personal learning style, standards, and

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