Essay about Multicultural Education and the Various Challenges

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Running Head: Multicultural Education and the Various Challenges

Multicultural Education and the Various Challenges
Oletha Y. Mask-York
Grand Canyon University
EDU 230, Cultural Diversity in the Classroom
April 29, 2012

Issues within Multicultural Education
As an educator I realize that teaching can be challenging. It requires one to be dedicated to self and the population they serve. It can be exciting or boring. It is how you approach this profession that makes a difference. Teachers have to look into themselves and critique their beliefs and values about the prejudices of the world we live in. Can they open their minds and hearts to a world that has so many different cultures that has breed so many children? These children
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These included the methods of teaching, materials for instruction, the attitudes of teachers, and the assessing of students’ performance. He described multicultural education in five different areas that involved teachers and researchers: 1) the integration of content, 2) construction of knowledge, 3) pedagogy of equity, 4) reduction of prejudice, and 5) the empowerment of school culture (Banks, 2008).
Part of the problem of multicultural education is that people do not understand just what it means. Some members of society are unaware that the implementation of a multicultural education is most successful on a school wide basis can only occur when the policy is organized not just for the curriculum, but for the institution. Most educational institutions classrooms are not prepared to implement multicultural education. The educators should not only be diverse, but knowledgeable, conscious, receptive, and welcoming to their beliefs about diversity, viewpoints and skills. They must be eager and prepared for addressing all controversial issues about racism, sexism, tolerance to religions, classism, and ageism.
The solution could be as simple as integrating a reading list on diversity demonstrating experiences throughout cultures. The community should be encouraged to participate with social involvement and supplement the curriculum with current media. Charts can be made to compare experiences of the past with today’s

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