Essay Multicultural Education And Culturally Responsive Teaching

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Introduction I have selected to critique the trends of multicultural education and culturally responsive teaching. Throughout my studies at the University of Georgia I developed a passion for diverse and multicultural learners. My place of employment has been known as a melting pot for learners that have represented a multitude of cultures. I have worked with minority students living in poverty daily, and I found that my recent studies regarding multicultural education and culturally responsive pedagogy has been the overarching theme of my studies that has directly impacted my view of diverse learners and my teaching style. The focus of multicultural and diverse education is focused on race, religion, and the socioeconomic statuses of a population of students. As stated by Gay (2014), “multicultural education is an educational policy that ensures that individuals are allowed to express their ethnic and cultural differences” (p.3). The current trends and focus on multicultural education is intended to ensure that all students receive a fair and effective education. Throughout my studies, issues such as the school to prison pipeline and the achievement gap between white and minority students were recurring topics that were frequently discussed. As I became more educated on the school to prison pipeline and the achievement gap, I was haunted by the thought that my students could easily fall into this vicious cycle. Dr. Love’s course and her passion for incorporating culture…

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