Multicultural Counseling Is Important For Future Growth For Seeking Multicultural Competence

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Over the course of this quarter, we have gone over a variety of counseling methods that can help a professional become more culturally competent. Multicultural counseling focuses on helping culturally diverse individuals work through their pressing issues and help them adapt to their new environment. Individuals coming from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds respond differently to therapeutic methods and using a single approach to counseling does not always work. Competent counselors need to take into account each client’s cultural backgrounds, biases, and traditions. In the duration of the class, we have gained insights on how power, privilege, and difference affect our daily lives and we have had the opportunity to reflect on the topics discussed in class affect our lives as well. In this paper, I will also discuss personal growth and areas for future growth for seeking multicultural competence.
Identification of the most Surprising, Important Information
One of the purposes of this class was to introduce the students to the world of multiculturalism and how it pertains to those going into counseling and school psychology. One of the most surprising things that I learned over the quarter is that it is nearly impossible for a counselor to completely become a competent multicultural counselor. Counselors are people, people will always have biases towards others and counselors can be aware of these biases or they unaware that they exist can act on them without…

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