Multicultural Club Discourse Community

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Multicultural Club
A lot of us have a discourse community that we feel like we belong in. Before reading John Swales essay, I thought a discourse community is a group of people that have shared goals and purposes. But after reading John Swales essay he have made me realize that there is more to a discourse community than only having common goals and purposes but also has its own mechanism that is used mostly for communication and to provide valuable information or a feedback, using a genre(s) especially for a particular jargon, and "A discourse community has a threshold level of members with a suitable degree of relevant content and discourse expertise" (471-473). That means that discourse community has members in different levels like the experts and the beginners. Having the newbies and old timers helps to keep the discourse community going, growing, and evolving over time. The University of Memphis Lambuth is like many other colleges it has many different organizations, fraternity or sorority, and recreation center. Being a freshman in college, I did not know which once I belonged in and decided to join multiple clubs. The one that I found most interesting is the multicultural club.
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The principle purpose of the club is to encourage acceptance and admiration of diversity at the University of Memphis Lambuth. There are no dues. If you want to support the club you can purchase a club shirt. There is no dress code because we encourage diversity. Our goals are to learn tolerance to other cultures and to have fun while meeting new friends. As club members, we are encouraged to participate in different activities that the club's members enjoy and bring us closer as a whole. The activates are such as: playing games, listening to music and guest speakers, and watching

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