Multicultural And A Multicultural Race Essay

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Multicultural Struggles
Being an immigrant or a multicultural race was often a struggle for many people. Sometimes, immigrants were treated very unfairly. Also, it was hard for immigrants to even start a life in America. Immigrants have to go through a lot of steps to be a citizen and start their life over here. Most times, multicultural people face many obstacles such as learning the language, education, and racism. Education, on the other hand, could also be a positive when coming to America. Using the many sources given, I came to the conclusion that it was hard for many people to learn the english language. In the poem “Parents”, and the two stories “Mother Tongue” and , the parents often struggle to learn the english language. The fact that they can not learn the english language very easily is a huge disadvantage. In the poem “Parents” by Pat Mora, it shows that the mother feels like “My spanish isn’t enough...they speak english...I stand by the stove and feel dumb,alone.” (Mora) This poem by Mora can truly show how hard it was for her not to know english. Her children were learning english because they went to an American high school, so when they would talk, she seemed to feel dumb and left out. In addition to this, her husband did not want her to know english because he wanted to be smarter, which also made her feel dumb. In the story Mother Tongue, it is a similar scenario. In this story, the mother also does not have a very good understanding of english.…

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